Automatic irrigation system

Automatic irrigation system

With Irrigation Outaouais, discover the benefits of installing a sprinkler system by a professional installer

Installation and repair of automatic irrigation

Our experts, specialists in irrigation systems for more than 25 years guarantee the installation of irrigation system for efficient and quality maintenance of your garden. From design to installation, but also the repair and maintenance systems (opening and closing of irrigation in winter) we support you in your plans for your garden. Our knowledge of plants will adapt the watering system to your garden.

Seeking specialists' advice in irrigation systems allows you to install a sophisticated irrigation system, to savin a significant amount of water, and to have a system that lasts longer. The investment will be more economical in the long term.

We use Rainbird products , recognized brand of irrigation professionals, to ensure the longevity and quality of your installations.

Feel free to contact us for your exterior landscaping project. We will take a quote tailored to your needs.

Our guide to selecting your automatic irrigation

Sprinklers, Solenoid, programmers watering, drip irrigation, we have the product for you.

Whatever your irrigation project, we have many products that will meet your needs. Whatever the size of your landscape, whether it is a garden, a lawn, a sports field...

But choosing an automatic irrigation for your land is not always simple. This is why we guide you in your watering projects.

What sprinkler for your yard?

Land type Area/range Water pressure Movement  Sprinkler
Seedlings, plant foot, fragile flowers, terrace Less than 5m Low Non Drip irrigation
Small plants, flowers, seedlings, flowers and delicate plants Less than 5m Less than 1 bar Non Fixed jet sprinkler
Shrubs, potted plants, terrace, small and medium surfaces Up to 400m2 2 bars Turning Rotary sprinkler
Large areas, green spaces, rectangular space Up to 500m2 2 bars minimum Vertical Oscillating sprinkler
Large areas, green spaces Up to 50m High Circular Gun sprinkler


We chose the sprinklers according to their significance and their flow.

Your lawn will always receive the same amount of water regardless of the types of sprinklers. To obtain a uniform watering, it is imperative that the jet sprinklers intersect. The ideal distance between two equals sprinklers watering their range. In the diagram, we have three areas to irrigate: an area (red) of less than 5 m from the side where we will use fixed sprinklers spray. Then two areas (green and blue) of over 5 m square where we will use rotating sprinklers.


Why invest in an automatic irrigation system?

Advantage 1

Preserve your landscaping investment while reducing your water consumption.

Advantage 2

Respect the watering hours allowed by municipalities, and save time compared to using a garden hose.

Advantage 3

Choose a professional to advise you on a system that best suits your landscaping.

Advantage 3

Choose a professional to advise you on a system that best suits your landscaping.

Advantage 3

Choose a professional to advise you on a system that best suits your landscaping.

Advantage 3

Choose a professional to advise you on a system that best suits your landscaping.

Put your trust in the irrigation
leaders in Québec!

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Whether for residential, commercial, industrial high standard or even a sports field, you can count on us.

Whether you need to install, repair, purchase parts, open or close your irrigation system of any brand, contact us!

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